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Interior Design Projects

Furniture Stores Morehead City North Carolina

Granted Wish

During this project we worked exclusively with a contractor from the ground up to build and design a custom rental home that creates an exquisite tropical retreat. The unique color scheme creates a seamless atmosphere that flows throughout the entire floor plan.

Custom tile was created for all ten of the lavatories. This property was designed with a wide variety of guests in mind and will surround a single family, or multiple families in a luxurious atmosphere that is very functional.

Interior Design Morehead City NC

Three Bedroom Rental :: Grand Villa

This three-bedroom rental was designed to have a large amount of space and charm. Each room has a unique personality inviting the guests to find themselves in the design. This project incorporates a large amount of natural features into a luxurious atmosphere.

To maximize space, an open living room and dining area was designed to flow elegantly with the rest of the space.

Interior Design Services Atlantic Beach NC

Two Bedroom Rental :: Grand Villa

Colorful and fun, this property was designed to make your stay at the beach a unique worry free experience.

When designing this two-bedroom villa we wanted to merge a vibrant color pallet with an open sophisticated atmosphere.