Knick Knack Paddy Whack

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Knick Knack Paddy Whack

Some of us are worse than others. It may have been an unbelievable deal at a garage sale. Maybe it was a forgotten treasure from childhood you’ve recently found, that re-kindled a particular love for a certain subject. Maybe you’re just an avid reader and yours is books. Whatever it is for you specifically, most of us have a specific set of knick knacks and such, that we’ve accumulated over time, or more specifically, a collection. The thing that most of us have in common with these items, however,  is that we have no idea how to display them. Often times we may think we do though. So what is it we’re doing wrong?

One of the easiest mistakes that almost all of us make is spreading these objects too thin. We place them all over our house, usually because we simply enjoy knowing these items are all around us. Sure that may seem like a good idea, but a collection is meant to be displayed together. By definition that’s what makes it a collection, otherwise you just have a lot of any one thing. To specify, it’s not so much the spreading of your collection throughout your home as much as the way you go about it. Take time to think about how you divide items up and keep a few thoughts in mind when you go about your placing. You want to keep certain groups together, in pairs, in sets; maybe in varying sizes possibly, as this will all depend on the items themselves. Arranging them in small groupings provides a cohesiveness that accentuates their thought as a collection rather than the aforementioned scatter of belongings. This can also be done as a whole, over an entire bookshelf for example, but pair or group small “sets” of the items together. Leave spaces, or “holes”, around different groups. In other instances fill the entire section of shelf. This will draw attention to the groups you do have singled out, making the overall display play come off stronger as a whole. In the end it may sound like the same idea you had in mind when you originally placed your cherished items throughout your home but it will give a better presentation overall and give these items the proper respect they deserve.

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