How’s It Hanging?

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How’s It Hanging?

We’ve all done it. We’ve all seen it. We know the problem too well. It doesn’t matter if you’re the artsy type or not, we’ve all broken out our trusty hammer and nails to hang a few pictures or paintings and after getting them up on the wall realized…we could have arranged them a little better. So whether it’s a, single, prized family portrait, or an entire art collection, how can we better go about our wall hangings?

The composition of the piece in question or content is really quite irrelevant when it comes to getting it up on the wall. So a fairly easy and ultimately painless solution to this particular issue may be as close as your nearest junk drawer. You’ll want to grab some paper, some tape and maybe a pair of scissors. Trace the frame or item you’ll be hanging and cut it out to size. This is going to give you the same dimensions you’re looking for without the worry of misplaced nail holes that will need patching up later. This gives you the option of moving around your object to literally see how it will look best with the least amount of repercussions if choice number one…two, or three for that matter…aren’t quite to your liking.

That last tip goes easiest with a single item but can be increasingly handy if you have more than one. With the same tip as before you’ll want to see how these items will “look” up on the wall itself. Before you get to taping those “imaginary” pictures up, however, take the time to arrange the real ones out on the floor. The floor won’t give you the same effect as on the wall, but you’ll be able to move around the composition of your grouping to see how it will look best for your particular taste and then you can go about placing the proper cutouts on the wall while rearranging accordingly for space. All of this may seem to be a bit time consuming in the moment but considering how many years all of our own family pictures and artwork have spent on the walls of our own homes, it’s nice to know you got things exactly how they needed to be all on the first try.

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