“FALL-ing” out of Summer

“FALL-ing” out of Summer

It’s a sad time here on the coast when we’re forced to accept the fact that the Summer season is behind us. Don’t get us wrong, we’re holding onto that last little smidgen for dear life, and the wonderful weather we’ve had recently helps those actions feel justified. So to help take our minds off the depressive reality, we’ve been thinking about Fall and ways to cheer ourselves up. This form of distraction comes in the form of seasonal decor and craft projects.

We know not everyone is the Do It Yourself, (DIY), type, so we’ve purposefully stayed away from anything too difficult. For those of the more experienced variety finding ideas and examples is usually only a few clicks away, however. With endless sites on the internet and Pinterest as popular as ever, if you want to amp it up, or respectively slow things down, the world is your theoretical oyster.

For the purpose of this conversation, we direct our readers to simply start right outside your own home. In may be in the form of a twig or small branch, a pine cone or some early fallen leaves, or maybe it’s just time to bring in some of those potted plants. Bringing the outside in is just a small piece of the puzzle though. These aforementioned examples in their own right can solve a decor problem by themselves. If you want to add a touch of DIY to make them stand out a little though, something as simple as placing one of those potted plants or making your own simple arrangement from some yard items and placing them into a hollowed out gourd or pumpkin is as easy as it gets. The clever method of the arrangement steps up the originality a bit while still giving yourself room for some creativity.

Keeping simplicity in mind, the easy addition of traditional fall decor is pleasant as well. When you pick up those regular sized pumpkins for outside yard highlights or for fresh homemade pumpkin pie purposes, grab a handful of smaller ones for the inside of your home. Scattered about a common room, careful placement on a mantle or even altogether on a side table with little to no purposeful arrangement provides a sense of the season with practically no effort. The same pumpkins, both large and small, can be used in infinitely more ways than you’ve probably thought of previously. Again, look up some examples if you need inspiration of your own. You can easily hollow out the same small ones we mentioned, and make your own candle votives. Leftover pumpkin shell after cutting/gutting for a pie in preparation for a friendly gathering? Keep the empty shell around a little longer with the “lid” removed, and a simple kitchen plate adorned on top/over the hole to give your presentation some pizzazz for the finished pie when guests arrive. The little ideas are the best and easiest to execute!

On the Crystal Coast we’re known for our beaches and wonderful weather, so you’re not alone in your sadness when the best time to enjoy those luxuries has come and gone. Creating crafty, even if they are simple, ways to occupy your time can be an easy and enjoyable distraction. So take a few of our examples and maybe a little extra help from the internet and find ways to help you enjoy the Fall season just as much as you do the Summer. Well maybe not quite that much, but at least enough to get you through until the weather starts to warm up again.

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