Easy Home Makeovers

Easy Home Makeovers

At Guthrie Interiors we understand better than anyone that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to decorating a home or space. Be it the actual decision making process, or just agreement on a color to paint an accent wall the details, just like the choices, seem neverending. The truth is, with as difficult as any project may appear there are things you can do to make the situation easier on yourself. Whether it’s splitting the duties or giving yourself a strict budget limit, there are measures you can take that will make the process easier on yourself. In the same breath not every “makeover” needs to be an “overhaul”. You can sometimes do easy things to spruce up a space without breaking the bank or knocking down walls in the process. So what can you do yourself, that is not only easy on you but easy on the bank account and still looks like a million dollars when it’s finished? We’re glad you asked.

One of the first things that comes to most peoples minds when you bring up design and home makeovers is a fresh coat of paint. Sure that may be one of the easiest changes to imagine, but settling on a color and or having the budget for a new paint job is an entirely different problem. An easy solution is something we’ve already mentioned…an accent wall. The perks of painting an accent wall from a budget and decision making standpoint are astronomical. The fact that it’s one wall versus an entire room is one of the biggest bonuses obviously, but the positives pile up quickly. Let’s break it down, one wall equals less paint. Less paint equals more money still in your pocket. More money in your pocket means if you go with a color that you’re not in love with a year or two down the road, than you can repeat this whole process on that…you guessed it, one wall and then you’ve revamped the entire room all over again. For most you’re looking at a can of paint and a day or two of labor, for something that can significantly change an entire room. That sounds a little easier than re-doing the whole thing from top to bottom.

Another thing to think about are essentially all easy changes. Things like rearranging furniture or pictures. Take items from one room and swap them out with things from another. The shear aspect of seeing items in new places will make your space seem fresh and feel rejuvenated. If you’ve got a couple of table or floor lamps, go buy a few new shades. If the bathroom is something you’ve been overlooking, buy a new shower curtain. The slight changes bring a whole new outlook to things that you’re used to seeing a certain way. Along with the welcome changes, you’ll again be saving some hard earned dollars, that may be needed somewhere else important or can be kept around to do these little changes all over again somewhere else down the road.

Overall the changes we’ve discussed are not rocket science. That’s half the battle though, remember? Changes around the house shouldn’t be made to feel overcomplicated. Of course if there’s things that you need help on or a professional opinion, that’s what we’re here for. Big or small everyone wants to make their space, not only unique, but a reflection of themselves. So remember that you don’t want to intimidate yourself by feeling overwhelmed before the changes even get started.

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