Baby Fever

Baby Fever

Maybe it’s just our group of acquaintances but it seems like everyone we’ve come across lately is either expecting or has already brought home their new bundle of joy. We are thrilled for our friends, and all this baby talk got us thinking. Quite frankly it’s got us in baby mode too, well nursery decorating mode anyways!

When it comes to your new child and their fresh room it’s easy to picture the tried and true pink or blue motif. There is certainly nothing wrong with that but what if you want a little more or just something a little different than the norm? We’ve got that covered too. Something we like is refreshing the old. You can find an old family piece that maybe you never had quite the right spot for before now or maybe a nice second hand store purchase that gets a facelift with a custom touch of your own. There’s a ton of ways to make things thrifty but fancy these days and nothing beats a classic look sprinkled in with modern accents. Feel free to search other sites for ideas and examples of how you can find older finds and turn them into your own family’s cherished new heirloom.

At the end of the day, it may be through paint, it may be through a theme it may be with items long thought forgotten but the decorating of your little ones first room is a special time. It’s as special for them as it is to you in their little lives and your finished product is going to reflect that. Find ways to be creative with what you decide to work with and whether it’s through bright colors and a modern touch or more of a classic and clean look, just have as much fun in decorating as you are surely to have when they finally arrive and see your work with their own little eyes.

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